Psychological bases of extreme policy preferences how the personal beliefs of israeli jews predict their support for population transfer in the israeli palestinian conflict am behav sci 50 1476 ndash 1497 10 1177 0002764207302465 marques j m hellip.

This article has two related goals the first is to provide a current summary of scientific findings regarding sexual orientation although we focus most on causation we also address other scientific issues concerning sexual orientation including its meaning and measurement sex differences in its expression its development and its expression across time and place.

1 i have two age groups early adulthood n 45 and middle adulthood n 45 can i run independent t test to find social support i have read that for applying t test the sample size must be less than 30 as my sample size is 45 each 2 i want to run one way anova i want to see how education affects our copng.

Functionalism in the philosophy of mind is the doctrine that what makes something a mental state of a particular type does not depend on its internal constitution but rather on the way it functions or the role it plays in the system of which it is a part.

Course overview physics 206 newtonian mechanics for engineering and science is the first semester of a two semester sequence in introductory physics intended to introduce students to the basic principles of newtonian mechanics and harmonic motion we will cover topics in mechanics newtons laws the concepts of energy and work conservation of energy and momentum rotational hellip.

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