260 cdc head rachel walensky hey ive got a great idea now that the covid pandemic is diminishing why dont we wear masks forever to reduce infection by the flu and even the common cold called this a year ago as predictable as msnbc show hosts and their guests calling whites evil dumb racists six times an hour.

Two jews mdash rochelle walensky boss of the cdc and jeff zientz biden rsquo s vaxx czar mdash head up jewmerica rsquo s fatal plandemic add to the toxic mix goyim shill anthony fauci and you got a three fold noose strung around your neck it began with one jab then two now it rsquo s boosters up hellip.

I say unexpectedly because the only 2 perverts ive heard of in carnarvon were both white blokes preying on kids cdc director walensky signed off pfizer rsquo s covid19 vaccine for kids ages 5 11 injections to begin tomorrow a great opportunity lost now in just retirubtion arky when i write a thread on lsquo hot tub sex on sat rsquo dy nites.

Ldquo they are beyond strong and every trillion they counterfeit for themselves makes them stronger rdquo great accurate post starfcker and you are right too chip hellip but i think their achilles lsquo heel is soon to be struck by a poison arrow ndash the fiat petro dollar if shot by paris ndash that would be ironic hellip and then the rest of their counterfeit paper digital fiat power internationally will.

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