Always use the latest and official plugin and nukkit versions when reporting issues reactions d jelly4k mewa and 19 others author.

Cloudburst nukkit minecraft server software nukkit for bedrock 1 17 40 oct 22 suprememortal oct 22 2021 1 955 1 as of build 902 on jenkins nukkit now supports bedrock edition 1 17 40 protocol version 471 as a reminder nukkit updates only include protocol updates to allow new clients to connect no new blocks or features are.

Step 2 install the minecraft server on raspberry pi installing minecraft on the raspberry pi relies on the nukkit server software from cloudburst developed specifically for minecraft pocket edition nukkit can be easily installed on the pi via the command line start by installing java this is required for nukkit to run.

A server software for minecraft bedrock edition in php cloudburst nukkit nuclear powered minecraft bedrock edition server software java minecraft mcpe minecraft server bedrock nukkit mcpe server pocket edition mcbe mcbe server bedrock engine bedrock edition updated dec 18 2021.