Complex problem solving is not a one dimensional low level construct on the contrary cps is a multi dimensional bundle of competencies existing at a high level of abstraction similar to intelligence but going beyond iq.

Problem solving is more of a mental process it is included in the larger problem process namely problem finding and problem shaping problem solving is the most complex process among all the intellectual functions of a human being it is very complex it is considered a higher order of the cognitive process.

The dynamics does not have to be in the context of problem solving understood as negative it can operate also positively and e g previously unsolvable problem suddenly becomes solvable 2 problem solving as it was already discussed above the thinking of an individual begins with the awareness of the problematic situation.

Knowledge alone is not the key to solving the problem but rather the compliance with the methodological problem solving approach this helps individuals and organizations overcome dangerous challenges but many employees who are frustrated over one or more complex steps fail to successfully solve workplace problems.

Creative problem solving is attempting to overcome static predicable and obvious thinking with techniques designed to encourage and spark creativity in many cases valuable creative ideas occur within the constraints of solving a particular problem for example an algorithm designer working with complex financial models might use an.

Creative problem solving isn rsquo t just brainstorming although that rsquo s what many people may associate it with with complex ideas a simple evaluation may not be enough you may need to do a swot strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats analysis or discuss the idea with others who will be affected by it if the idea is business.