Fried okra is so easy to make you don rsquo t even need to go through all the steps of a classic dredge the bite sized okra is quickly dipped in egg then tossed in a zip top bag with a breading mixture made from a combination of cornmeal flour and cayenne pepper to get the crispy coating the okra is fried in piping hot oil for just a couple of minutes.

Fried okra is an integral part of the southern food culture and rightfully so fresh okra dredged in flour and fried until golden crispy and crunchy is completely addictive this is the only recipe you will ever need for getting fresh okra from the chopping block to hellip.

Typically southerners fry their okra in cornmeal or a mixture of cornmeal and flour but i like just a light coating of flour sometimes the flavor of the okra gets hidden beneath a heavy cornmeal coating i use a large cast iron skillet for frying but any type of skillet will work or even a dutch oven.