Everything from soup to dessert in a 3 course frozen dinner from swanson only swanson gives you a complete salisbury steak dinner like this just look at all the good things you get whet your appetite with campbell rsquo s famous chicken noodle soup tender chicken and melt in your mouth egg noodles abound in the rich golden broth.

2 filo pastry aka phyllo pastry ndash paper thin pastry sheets used in mediterranean and middle eastern cooking it rsquo s easier to use refrigerated filo pastry if you can as it rsquo s more pliable than frozen thawed and thus easier to handle take it out of the fridge 30 minutes prior once you take it out of the package keep it covered with a slightly damp tea towel so it doesn rsquo t dry out.

This is a refreshing vermicelli noodle salad that is quick to make and super healthy at only 170 calories per serving the dressing is made with asian ingredients and is very neutral so will suit most asian foods including chinese thai vietnamese japanese and even korean dishes like bulgogi try it with chinese chicken wings asian glazed salmon or asian hellip.