20 recipes that prove pumpkin and cream cheese are meant to be pumpkin and cream cheese are proof that opposites attract pumpkin brings a natural sweetness mdash often flavored with warm earthy spices like cinnamon nutmeg and ginger mdash while cream cheese is rich tart and tangy.

These recipes are so tasty you could pick out your whole thanksgiving menu from this mix alone from savory satisfying main dishes to cozy sides and fall flavored desserts these recipes will make perfect additions to your holiday lineup.

Basil recipes just feel so perfect in summer when crisp salads like this one can easily be a satisfying main dish the dressing is made with chopped shallot sherry vinegar or red wine vinegar.

Saffron has been coveted throughout history mdash not only as a spice but as a dye a perfume and a medicine mdash and remains one of the culinary worlds most precious commodities.

The yogurt can be mixed with shallots grated cooked beets cooked spinach or most commonly with persian cucumbers mint and dried rose get this recipe photo by ed anderson.

When you think of fall dinner recipes comfort food may come to mind but in truth its the best season of the year for making salads there are so many fresh crunchy veggies in season that its easy to get all kinds of delicious pairings and lest you think salads arent hearty enough check out this list there are plenty that can be meals all by themselves.

Persian herb and leek frittata if you feel like giving your arms a bit of a workout chopping herbs the rest of making kuku sabzi could not be simpler and such a fast oven bake time.

There are so many reasons we love using a slow cooker its a master at breaking down and tenderizing tougher cuts of meat such as beef chuck which is used in our recipe for slow cooker sicilian style beef stew over the course of four to eight hours these multicookers can slowly but surely build flavor as demonstrated with the absolutely beautiful slow cooker persian lamb stew pictured hellip.

Youll want to build tonights dinner around these deliciously healthy soups mdash from brothy stews to rich chilis and creamy bowls theres something for everyone each of these soups sticks to lower quantities of saturated fat and sodium so you know every bite is flavorful and heart healthy.

Use persian cucumbers for maximum crunchiness per the recipe notes although kirby will work too healthy eating recipes makeup looks skin care advice the best beauty products and tips.

Best cookbooks 2021 from vegan cookbooks to baking bibles featuring marcus wareing japan easy and nadiya hussain.

Located in the prestigious emirates hills this small persian restaurant serves heaping plates of skewered meats and century old iranian recipes developed by hellip.

This persian lentil and rice dish is mixed with plump raisins and sweet dates and cooked until a crispy bottom forms its the perfect pairing for a delicious roast chicken go to recipe.

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