What is tri tip first a short bit about the noble tri tip the tensor fasciae latae is a small triangular muscle located in the bottom sirloin cut of the animal historically ground up for hamburger meat it started to gain popularity as a standalone roast in the 1950 rsquo s in the central coast and central valley of california.

The slow smoked meats we regularly serve include texas style beef brisket pork ribs beef ribs pork belly lamb shoulder salmon chicken chicken wings chicken ribs sausages and more the meats are smoked with hickory maple and apple woods hickory is used for all the dark meats like beef brisket beef ribs and lamb shoulder.

When you visit smokin rsquo j rsquo s bbq you rsquo re in for a treat experience our real texas bbq john and lisa have created some of their fabulous texas bbq dishes whether it be a tender juicy rack of baby back ribs or one of our homemade hellip.

Panther city bbq started in 2014 in fort worth texas by some friends with a pit and a passion for smoked meats all our meats are cooked on site in our smoker over 100 post oak wood some of our favorites besides pork brisket chicken ribs and sausage are our pork belly jalapeno poppers and our famous brisket elote.