My wife and i have been together for almost two years now which i think makes this even worse she has randomly come clean about wanting an open marriage i want no part in it so she says i don.

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Just like some people like to be be ticked and some don rsquo t we each like what we like this is a classic case to try 1 poly relationships one for hellip.

Definitely not an open marriage thats more of a closed marriage with an infidelity loophole open marriages dont help crisis in a marriage nor will it make a bad marriage better only a strong healthy understanding between two completely honest partners would be able to hold the weight of an open marriage.

Don rsquo t put your marriage in jeopardy this is also a good time to come to an agreement on what to do if one spouse wants to stop having an open marriage and the other doesn rsquo t or if one spouse is enjoying their time with someone and the hellip.

The problem i have now is that he says that if we are to stay married he wants it to be an open marriage ive tried to tell him that ive gotten that out of my system and i dont want to be with anybody other than him but he says there just isnt any way he can ever trust me again he doesnt feel an obligation to be faithful to me anymore.