Directions step 1 in a large bowl sift together flour sugar cocoa baking powder soda and salt step 2 step 3.

11 ingredients.

Recipepes com grandpops special chocolate cake recipe pt15m pt1h 5 455 calories no ratings yet top rated recipes caramel shortbread squares grandma vandorens white bread the best steamed asparagus sausage frittata tomato and bacon jam beef enchiladas sauerkraut balls roomali roti.

Grandpops special chocolate cake reviews nedpsa 48 14 june 09 2002 this recipe saved the birthday party i had originally made another highly recommended recipe which will remain nameless that worked find but was totally flavorless too much boiling water so i had just enough time to try again and took a chance with this one.

A truly excellent chocolate cake in that its easy to throw together with items you are likely to have in your pantry in flavor which is deep and round due to the coffee which cant be tasted but which brings out all the best in chocolate and in texture which is moist it is everything that your grandmas chocolate cake brings to mind i needed to serve several people so i hellip.

Grandpops special chocolate cake reviews allyson ben israel 46 16 august 23 2006 wow thanks for a great recipe i used this with coffee butter frosting from this site increasing the strength of coffee in both to make a delicous coffee and chocolate cake for my man i then decorated with chocolate vermicelli.

Grandpops special chocolate cake reviews naples34102 0 3k march 19 2011 serve this cake to family or friends and you will do yourself proud just as i did tonight a good rule of thumb is to never try out a new recipe on guests but this was a real winner it is easy to whip up with common pantry ingredients.

I made this for my husbands birthday 3 days ago and the cake is still moist and delicious try it with a homemade cream cheese icing yum update 12 2 10 four years later this has become my go to chocolate cake recipe my kids always request it with homemade cocoa icing for every birthday ive made it over and over and only once did it fall hellip.

Grandpops special chocolate cake credit thelma view recipe this link opens in a new tab this good old fashioned chocolate cake has hundreds of 5 star ratings and its made with common pantry ingredients and no buttermilk its the perfect last minute dessert for when you dont have time to make a run to the store.