Asian deviled eggs combine 3 tbsp mayo 1 4 tsp soy sauce 1 4 tsp ginger 1 8 tsp each salt and pepper and 1 8 tsp chili sauce with 4 egg yolks stuff into egg whites and top with chopped green onion and black sesame seeds.

Kelly hamilton how to store deviled eggs you can make these deviled eggs up to a day in advance store the whites and the filling separately store the filling in a resealable plastic bag so you can pipe it into the egg whites just snip the corner of the bag to pipe the filling into the eggs.

How to make deviled eggs cook hard boiled eggs by boiling for 30 seconds then simmering for 12 minutes chill eggs in an ice bath for 15 minutes cut lengthwise and add yolks to a separate bowl combine egg yolks mayonnaise mustard salt and pepper pipe the mixture into each egg white half garnish deviled eggs with paprika and chives.

Storing deviled eggs to make ahead cook eggs and keep whites yolk mixture separate for up to 2 days place the egg white halves on a plate and wrap in plastic wrap keep the yolk mixture in a ziptop bag when ready fill the egg whites with the yolk mixture garnish serve.