Turn simply grilled shrimp into a tasty salad that is made completely on the grill mdash even the lettuce has a turn cooking romaine over the grates gives it a nice nutty flavor which complements the grilled shrimp and charred corn beautifully a homemade avocado lime dressing and cotija cheese are the perfect finish.

Shrimp scampi is part of the repertoire of classic italian american dishes i grew up with fresh garlicky and always a little oily shrimp scampi needs good bread or pasta to soak up that delicious butter and olive oil the best part about shrimp scampi is that it is quick and easy to make and it works perfectly as a holiday dinner.

How to make shrimp scampi the entire recipe sauce and shrimp can be made in about the same time it takes to boil your pasta you rsquo ll need just a few simple ingredients hellip shrimp obviously garlic crushed red pepper you can skip this if you rsquo re sensitive to spice butter olive oil white wine also can be subbed with chicken stock salt pepper parsley.

Shrimp scampi is an american italian recipe that rsquo s a true classic scampi also called langoustines or dublin bay prawns are a type of large prawn found in the northeastern atlantic shrimp scampi recipes usually call for regular large hellip.

Prawns cooked on the bbq also ndash bbq option this recipe i rsquo m sharing today is for garlic prawns cooked on the stove for larger get togethers i tend to do big batches on the bbq and i make the sauce separately ndash here rsquo s my grilled garlic prawns shrimp with lemon garlic butter you will love how crispy you can get the prawns on the barbie.

Grilled lemon garlic scallops is an eloquent dish marinated in the juices of a lemon hint of garlic wrapped in olive oil with italian seasonings all grilled to perfection so simple to make and ready in minutes impress your guests with this easy to make scallop recipe for your next dinner party.

Grilled shrimp thai salad with spicy peanut dressing serves 3 nutrition 455 calories 27 g fat 6 g saturated fat 842 mg sodium 25 g carbs 5 g fiber 14 g sugar 30 g protein.