Encyclopedia of arkansas the rich history of civil rights in arkansas survives in sites across the state that preserve our cultural memories our historic sites are filled with stories of human dignity and courage and vital.

July 27 2020 kimberly mitchell if you rsquo ve ever had a question about arkansas whether it rsquo s about history famous arkansans or little known facts the central arkansas library system rsquo s encyclopedia of arkansas is the most comprehensive online resource about the state in 2002 tom dillard the curator for the butler center for arkansas studies at the central hellip.

Home demonstration clubs were an integral part of the u s department of agriculture cooperative extension service which was established during the early twentieth century as an experiment in adult education providing agricultural demonstration work for men and home demonstration work for women the home demonstration work taught farm women hellip.

The encyclopedia of arkansas history culture project strives to offer a definitive comprehensive and accurate record of the twenty fifth state the online version of the encyclopedia is the first component of the project the online version of the encyclopedia will be maintained and updated in perpetuity by the staff of the butler center for arkansas studies.

Mountain home a small town whose origins date back to the early nineteenth century is located in north central arkansas on a plateau in the ozark mountains the natural beauty of nearby norfork and bull shoals lakes and the surrounding countryside has attracted tourists from around the country for many years in addition educational institutions have hellip.

The president rsquo s home was constructed in 1995 and the administrative building in 1997 from the founding of arkansas industrial university until 1982 the president of the university of arkansas in fayetteville also served as the leader of the system individual campuses are led by chancellors with directors leading the non academic institutions.

The central arkansas library system cals encyclopedia of arkansas is a web based encyclopedia of the u s state of arkansas described by the national endowment for the humanities neh as a free authoritative source of information about the history politics geography and culture of the state of arkansas.

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Black america a state by state historical encyclopedia 2 volumes black america a state by state historical encyclopedia 2 volumes 2011 08 23 2011 08 23 alton hornsby jr alton hornsby jr inspired by the popular blues musicians and singers who traveled throughout the south arkansas born william edgar john pursued a career in the blues industry.

Arkansas is home to a wide array of natural resources including petroleum natural gas bromine and silica stone throughout the 20th century the state was responsible for providing roughly 90.

Ldquo the encyclopedia of arkansas history culture project arose from the need for a comprehensive and reliable reference work on arkansas tom dillard then curator at the butler center for arkansas studies and tim nutt then deputy curator began planning the hellip.