In minecraft players can farm almost every item available automatic crop farms are useful for both beginners and end game players crops can be used as food trading items or for feeding animals.

Sugar cane is a very useful crop in minecraft it can be used to craft paper which can be used to make maps or bookshelves and it can be used to craft sugar to then make fireworks which you can shoot to your enemies using a crossbow it is easy to find and easy to farm but sometimes players notice that it can take a while to grow more than it should hellip.

Craft three sugar cane into paper place the three reeds in one row since sugarcane is hard to find start a sugarcane farm combine one leather and three paper to make a book place them anywhere in the crafting area with the paper in separate squares.

Screengrab via minecraft java edition sugarcane is essential to enchant weapons and generally make life easier all around a sugarcane farm can be easily automated with some basic redstone.

Sugarcane farming seed 2862195391202452043 version 1 7 9 spawn on top of a small survival island inhabited by only a couple of pigs on the very edge of the island you will find a few plants of sugarcane use this seed to farm sugarcane which is one of the rarest types of plant in minecraft you need to plant sugarcane very close to the.

How to make an automatic sugarcane farm in minecraft how to build a super simple secret door that fits in the corner of your house news the voyager the fastest way to the top how to build a redstone elevator in minecraft how to create a piston conveyor.

How to create a piston conveyor belt in minecraft how to make an invisible reusable trapdoor to hide secrets or char unsuspecting cows how to sugar rush how to make an automatic sugarcane farm in minecraft how to create an automatic obsidian generator in minecraft how to crush your opponents in minecraft pvp how to build an hellip.

Sugarcane will come in handy if you need sugar to make complex desserts whether it rsquo s that or you just like the way it looks a sugarcane farm is a great farm to have in your pocket makes sugarcane farm great clever design to grow collect sugarcane does all the work for you like any auto farm should how it works.