Use mind building exercises there are certain things you can do which can help increase your thinking abilities thinking is just like any muscle in your body the more you use your brain the stronger it will get and the better youll be able to think do math.

Solving math problems is one of the most common ways of improving analytical skills math is very logical and math problems are structured in a way that we are given information and are forced to use that information to solve a problem as a result math problems are one of the simplest ways of honing analytical ability.

Introduction imagined intergroup contact is ldquo the mental simulation of a social interaction with a member or members of an outgroup category rdquo crisp turner 2009 p 234 previous research has established the technique as a valuable addition to existing intergroup contact strategies with positive impacts for both explicit turner crisp lambert 2007a and hellip.

According to the uks higher education statistics agency the percentage of students at oxford and cambridge who were from routine manual occupational backgrounds was 11 5 and 12 6 respectively in the academic year 2008 9 this compares with an ons figure of 37 of all people aged between 16 and 63 in the united kingdom being classified with.

1 a description of neural networks a neural network consists of large number of units joined together in a pattern of connections units in a net are usually segregated into three classes input units which receive information to be processed output units where the results of the processing are found and units in between called hidden units.