Meet your new favorite mini peach pie recipe warm buttery biscuits sweet peaches and a savory rosemary twist make these individual peach pies the perfect summer dessert with flavors that feel complex youll be surprised how simple this peach hand pie recipe is hellip.

Brush the tops of the pies with egg white and a sprinkling of sugar use a sharp knife to cut a few holes in the top to allow air to escape bake the pies at 375 for 20 25 minutes until they rsquo re golden brown on top remove from the oven and let them cool completely on a hellip.

Other mini pies mini pumpkin pies cranberry hand pies mini peach pies mini lemon tarts i hope you love this delicious and simple recipe ndash be sure to give it a review below also don rsquo t forget to follow belly full on facebook instagram pinterest and youtube.

Ive made this mini pot pies 3 times thus far and i have some recommendations the filling is too salty for me use low sodium cream of chicken and add more salt accordingly add 2 tsp of thyme basil onion powder and garlic powder to the filling instead of topping muffin with cheese i mix the cheese in the filling.

A hand pie is a mini or hand sized version of a regular sized pie the hand version makes it convenient to eat and is the perfect serving size hand pies are usually circular all the way around but in this case it is tree shaped.

Using your favorite store bought ingredients these delectable cherry hand pies come together quickly and cook to crispy perfection in the air fryer you can of course switch up the filling and use your favorite try apple blueberry or even a sweet salty combo like raspberry jam and cheese.

Peach pie is sweet creamy and so delicious dessert perfect for any time of the year make it with pastry shell fresh or canned peaches peach jell o and topped with whipped cream there is nothing better than a slice of easy peach pie on hot day this is one of the easiest pies you can hellip read more raquo.

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