Food available for purchase knockwurst bratwurst hot dogs with sides of hot german potato salad and braised red cabbage with baked apple warm jumbo soft pretzel apple crisp and pats peak famous m m cookie for dessert harpoon brewery german beer garden 11am 4 30pm lots of harpoon beer selections along with coors light available for hellip.

Prized for their buttery earthy flavor light yellow flesh and moist uniform texture yukon gold potatoes are an mvp of the tater league the first yukon gold potato was created in canada in the 1950s by agricultural scientist gary johnston who crossbred a wild peruvian yellow potato with a white skinned american spud.

How to make the best sweet potato casserole here are a few reasons why this casserole is so delicious 1 baked sweet potatoes are better than boiled we rsquo ll roast the sweet potatoes whole in the oven until they rsquo re tender and cooked through the sweet potato condenses and caramelizes in the oven producing superior flavor.

Preparation and storage tips for chicken and potato bake this is a great make ahead dinner you can assemble the entire casserole up to 24 hours in advance and keep it covered in the refrigerator until ready to bake before baking allow the dish to sit on the counter and come to room temperature for at least 30 minutes.

Baked smashed roasted or fried mdash its hard to go wrong with potatoes plus with a rainbow of rich add ins such as bacon cheese veggies and more the flavor possibilities for fancy potato dishes are endless so whether youre hosting a holiday get together or enjoying dinner with friends these delicious potato recipes are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Lemony baked basa is great over salad greens or in a fish taco too in the oven as instructed with a sprinkle of lemon rind mixed in with the spices oh so beautiful served with oven baked potato wedges and broccoli for an amazing cheap healthy and delicious dinner used 2 cold pats of butter on each fillet and fresh chopped.

Replying to this and to the whole30 eater and people concerned about energy use whenever i bake i think about other things i could put in the oven at the same time which often includes white or sweet potatoes if you don rsquo t eat a lot of sugar a plain cold baked sweet potato is a great snack that tastes like a candy bar.

Barbecue beef stew recipe 1 2 lbs stew meat 1 cup onion sliced 1 2 cup green pepper chopped 1 clove garlic 1 2 tsp salt 1 8 tsp pepper 2 cups beef stock.

The bird ndash for this recipe and the cooking times that go with it i used a 12 pound turkey this is a fairly average size that will feed 8 10 people butter ndash pats of butter are placed under the skin of each turkey breast onion and garlic ndash peel and stuff inside the cavity of the turkey you can also add fresh herbs and citrus fruits like lemon or orange if you like.