Hi everyone today i want to talk about two things one is a new experiment that we are running for an alternative ship appearance browser in empire generation and the other is the q a session that we held during pdxcon ship appearance.

This require these two scripts vcmod and bmw z8 e52 created by raccoonbrother say no to exploits only workshop collection created by yohsambre expel the bad guys from the server this is the dog swep used on paradox darkrp.

Paradox blade damage bonus increased to 960 from 720 wand of the west wind cyclone mana cost reduced to 250 from 300 fixed a bug with elder staff granting 400 mana instead of the intended 75 filled sinister urns are now droppable v2 00b fixed a bug with creeps getting stuck in terrain staff of peace intelligence bonus increased to 36 from 24.

Farewell to the flesh for debord essential to the re introduction of immediate experience to art was the imperative matter of piercing the veil of stupefying spectacle that had been draped over the population mdash a process of mass stupefaction described in his 1967 la societe du spectacle and his 1974 found footage detournement film of the same name mdash so as hellip.