Ice cream sandwich and popcorn tea comprising matcha ice cream and red bean mochi crepe sandwiched between two japanese rice crackers the matcha monaka s 12 resembles an english muffin sandwich.

Mochi ice cream wraps japanese sweet glutinous rice flour around an ice cream ball youll find them in western flavors like chocolate vanilla and strawberry or in asian flavors such as kona coffee green tea plum wine and red bean.

Try these delicious types of ice cream from around the world everyone loves ice cream theres something mouthwatering about frozen cream milk and sugar that we simply cant resist but not all.

Matcha mochi bars are a special treat for matcha green tea lovers chewy gooey and sweet with delightful green tea flavor inside they are a fabulous treat for your book club or a trendy addition to bake sales serve them fresh from hellip.

When the cooking time is up transfer the eggs form the pot to an ice water bath let it cool completely meanwhile let rsquo s make the sauce combine soy water and rice syrup stir until everything well mixed now add garlic green onions chilies and sesame seeds stir.

I rsquo ve tried a few fried rice recipes but i often find the rice is too wet with sauce or the flavor doesn rsquo t come through this recipe was spot on and had plenty of flavor and omg the fresh basil put this over the top.