Tomato rice is a simple spicy flavorful delicious one pot dish made with rice tomatoes spices herbs this tomato rice can be made in a pressure cooker or a pot if you are looking to use up left over or precooked white rice then you can make tomato rice just under 20 mins following this thakkali sadam recipe tomato rice can be served with out any sides as it hellip.

Jeera rice recipe in 2 methods ndash one home style jeera rice the other in restaurant style super simple quick recipes to make fluffy non sticky flavorful jeera rice every time jeera rice is a flavored indian rice dish made by cooking basmati rice with ghee cumin other fragrant spices making jeera rice is one of the simplest only needs a handful of ingredients hellip.

Featured video ingredients 1 teaspoon coriander seeds 2 tablespoons vegetable canola south indian style chicken curry 100 mins ratings bharvaan baingan 65 mins ratings poha or powa indian rice dish 30 mins ratings chettinad chicken 45 mins ratings the south indian pantry bund gobhi patta gobhi ki subji stir fry cabbage 25 mins.

Preheat oven to 450 deg stir oil coriander seeds cumin seeds curry and turmeric in a large bowl to combine add cauliflower and season with salt and pepper.

The perfect rice to water ratio for jeera rice is 1 2 which means for every cup of rice you need two cups of water the rice is steamed in the liquid in a pan which is covered so that the steam does not escape this rice to water ratio ensures that the rice is cooked just right where every grain is fluffy and separate from each other.

Hibachi fried rice also know as japanese fried rice is a rice stir fry where rice is cooked in a wok or a large skillet with butter soy sauce and more ingredients it is just like normal fried rice just with the savory flavor from lots of butter the japanese word hibachi means ldquo fire bowl rdquo.

Gujarati style rice pancake recipe how to make gujarati style pancake take rice flour curd suji green chilli paste ginger paste crushed jeera salt hing and dhania mix everything together with haldi and water to prepare smooth batter let it rest for 30 minutes meanwhile prepare the banana leaves by heating them on the flame.

4 fragrant biryani rice aside from hyderabad south indias biryani cities have one key ingredient in common small grain rice seeraga samba rice is the quintessential ingredient in the dingidul style biryani its also used in the ambur hellip.

Soaking rice before cooking it actually assimilates its nutritional qualities meaning it helps the gastrointestinal tract better absorb vitamins and minerals from the rice according to renowned indian nutritionist and advocate of regional indigenous foods rujuta diwekar soaked rice also cooks faster and produces a beautiful bloomed texture.

Idli recipe idli batter recipe south indian style idli soft idli with step by step photos idli is a very popular south indian breakfast which is also a favourite mumbai street food we show you how to make idli with detailed step by step recipe on how to make the perfect idli batter lsquo fluffy as cotton balls white as the moon rsquo every south indian remembers those fond hellip.

The nice thing about uk style indian restaurant cooking is there rsquo s only one curry base it rsquo s bland by design i will be making a video of this recipe eventually that rsquo s the size it rsquo s 8 fl oz you could pick one up in a charity shop i have an old one that i keep in the rice cupboard for measuring easy enough to measure 1 4 cup.

Sold as parboiled not half cooked at home 2 cups of water per 1 cup of rice for indian style rices like basmati or jasmine less water is needed as a drier rice is desired use no more than 1 1 2 cups of water per 1 cup of rice use only 1 hellip.

Ldquo brown rice is the whole grain food and white rice is processed when the rice grain is polished the parts called bran and germ are removed germ is the part of rice grain that is rich in minerals and bran has most of the fibre without them white rice loses most of its fibre vitamins and minerals rdquo he said.

There are 2 main types ndash one where the protein and or vegetables are cooked mixed throughout the rice and the other version known as hyderabad style biryani in india where meat and rice are layered and cook in a sealed pot over hellip.

Serve family style with basmati or brown rice naan and or raita watch a video of godbole making makhani rajma here active time 30 mins total time 1 hour.

A rice cooker is specifically for rice whereas an electric steamer is for vegetables and other foods as well both come with a basket for rice stir together the rice and water in the basket when steaming rice always use equal parts rice and water to make rice to serve more people simply increase the quantities of both equally.

Crock pot cheesy chicken and rice is sure to impress the entire family throw this chicken and rice in crock pot and be prepared for a great dinner it is comfort food in every single bite the cheese blends together with the rice for the best flavor the kids really like this dish and ask frequently for cheesy rice as they call it.

This authentic indian pakistani style chana masala recipe is vibrant with just the right amount of tanginess and rich in spicy flavor this recipe makes tender flavorful chickpeas in a perfectly spiced curry and requires simple ingredients hellip.

Not only is indian food diverse but also changes every 10 kilometres enriched with different varieties of dals subzis rotis rice and an infinite hellip.

Fragrant tender and the perfect accompaniment to just about every main all indian feasts need basmati rice try this restaurant style vegan recipe that results in a wonderfully spiced grain 10 of 33.

A really great curried rice that won rsquo t disappoint this pilaf style fluffy basmati rice recipe is flavoured with everyday curry powder plus extra spices to give it a punch of flavour with sweetness from carrots and peas a sprinkle of cashews and a garlic flavour base this is a rice side dish that will jazz up any meal or serve it with crispy fried eggs for a super quick meal.

Our east indian neighbours the gomes family always add orange juice and peel to their khimad while avoiding the astringent tea leaves other families do the very opposite.