I did make these tonight for dinner my husband loves salisbury steak so i was a little worried that he wouldn rsquo t like it i rsquo m actually happy to say that i was wrong we both like this i rsquo ll happily make salisbury steak with this recipe again.

Country style steak follow our easy step by step photo illustrated recipe to learn how to make country style steak this comfort food is an old southern classic onions and gravy are optional printable recipe included hellip country style steak sometimes called cubed steak or smothered steak is an old southern favorite comfort food it rsquo s.

A week ago fast rising pitching prospect owen white got engaged to madison barnhardt his high school sweetheart in their days at jesse carson high it rsquo s nice to have a fiancee to help with.

30 minutes or less cover bowl tightly with cling wrap and keep in a warm place like near the stove will stay warm for 30 min gently stir before serving up to 2 hours over hot water place bowl with mash over a pot of boiling hot water turn stove on every now and then to keep water hot or keep about 3 cm 1 water gently simmering.

Mongolian lamb sauce ingredients and here rsquo s what you need for the mongolian lamb sauce all the key ingredients here feature in tier 1 of my asian market shopping list chinese five spice powder ndash a spice blend of five spices shock horror very common nowadays sold at grocery stores and no more expensive than other spices also used in hellip.